Lets Compare…!!!





Most of the Linux distributions are free and the commercial ones are cheaper than Microsoft Windows

Microsoft is not available for free and the various editions are available for around $100 to $200


Most of the Linux softwares are for free. But this is problem as well cause we can’t say that they are better compared to the non-free Windows softwares, but surely they can give a run for their money and in many cases, they are even better!

Due to a large market share, much larger amount of softwares are available for Windows, but all are not free. eg. Microsoft Office starts from 150$ but OpenOffice.org can nearly do everything Microsoft Office can do and it comes free!

Reliability & Security

Linux is very reliable and this is explained by the fact that most of the servers on the internet run on Linux.

As we had told you earlier, there are no viruses for Linux. If vulnerabilities are found, they get patched up faster due to the Open Source community.

Comparatively to Linux, Windows is less reliable, has tons of Viruses, and many vulnerabilities which take time to get patched.


With the evolutions of Desktop Environments like GNOME & KDE there are features that Windows users can dream of only in their next versions.

People may find Windows easier just because of the fact that they have spent more time using Windows.

Software Cost

Since most of the Linux softwares are free & Open Source.Due to the Open Source nature, you can even modify them and compile according to your needs. eg, OpenOffice.org, GIMP etc.

Great Windows applications are generally not available for free.


Linux today supports almost all devices available in the market. Also since drivers are bundled with the OS itself there is no need of separate driver CD’s

Windows since holds considerable share in the market so too has great driver support but requires separate installation CD’s to install drivers