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So, this guy called me up and asked for installing Ubuntu cause he was a Linoob (not that worse). He said that  he can do everything except partitioning cause he still isn’t expert at that till now.
He wanted me to do his partitioning, but he was just 3000 kilometers (seems like “3000/- only” price tag) away from my place.
So, this idea came to my mind. Eureka! :p
Sharing with you the remote installation of Ubuntu Lucid Lynx
  • Just pop your CD into your CD/DVD Drive and boot through it to the Live environment.
  • Now go to the Network Manager Applet (top right) and configure your internet connection from there so that you may be able to connect to the “The Support Guy”
  • Done with connecting to internet, now is the time to Download TeamViewer
  • Run the deb package you downloaded and click “Install Package”
  • Go To Applications -> Internet – >TeamViewer
    An ID and Password will be generated on the left automatically.
  • Just provide the ID and the Password to “The Support Guy” and leave the rest on him. 😀 (Refer This For Installing Ubuntu)

Note: This procedure has been tested for Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx and may or maynot work with older versions of Ubuntu

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