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Ever tried giving remote support to any of your friends.Well probably I do it everyday and its kind easy task if you are using Windows but handling it in Linux is difficult job (atleast not so quick).But all your problems gonna get easier thanx to TeamViewer.

The amazing software, earlier available just for windows ,is now available as Beta for various Linux Distros including Ubuntu.

It comes as free for personal use with all features enabled while for commercial use you have to pay a nominal fee for a lifetime license

The sessions in TeamViewer are 256-bit secured and the software works out-of-box with various OS versions.Also it has features of VPN,voice chatting as well as chatting and also online transfer of files.The software also supports browser bases remote support which also doesn’t require any additional plugins.This can be effectively used for presentations,handling remote servers as well as clients.

If going for a try then just remember that what you need is the  ID and authentication Password of remote PC and you are good to go .

Happy Remote Support 🙂

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