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Ultimate Edition is an operating system based on Ubuntu Linux Distribution. The creators aim was to create a better user experience and improved usability. Its a third-party Ubuntu derivative.

‘Ultimate Edition’ started off as Ubuntu Christmas Edition, and was made as a Christmas present for the Ubuntu community. The creator, Glen Cady aka TheeMahn, then created Ubuntu Ultimate 1.1. Ultimate Edition has more software pre-installed and ready for use even in the Live CD/DVD environment than Ubuntu. Ubuntu Ultimate 1.2 was released shortly after 1.1 with even more new software. To answer the call of gamers, TheeMahn then built Ubuntu Ultimate Gamers Edition. On October 18, 2007, TheeMahn received an e-mail from Canonical asking not to use the Ubuntu name or logo due to violation of trademark policy. Ubuntu Ultimate then became ‘Ultimate Edition’. Additional softwares such as Java, Flash, Acrobat Reader or Google Earth, which were removed due to licensing agreements, can be installed using an integrated custom repository. The latest release Ultimate Edition 2.6 is based on Ubuntu Lucid Lynx 10.04 LTS.

For newbies it is highly recommended if you have a PC with decent configuration since it contains all the features you need else will have to download and enable after default Ubuntu Installation.

Desktop Environment :-

Ultimate Edition comes with Gnome Desktop Environment by default. The special releases like Ultimate Edition Gmaers or Odd releases like Ultimate Edition 2.5 which gives the choice of KDE and XfCE before login.

Features :-

Ultimate Edition 2.6 includes all the features of Ubuntu with improved usability. The Ultimate repository includes the latest updates, as well as a big list of softwares that are not included in the official Ubuntu repositories including MP3  plugin support and Xvideo plugins support. A few preinstalled applications are :-

-Ubuntu Tweak.


-Compiz with CCSM

-Mplayer,VLC and Amarok

-Qemu launcher.

-Play on Linux (POL)

-MS core fonts and 35 extra fonts.

-Big list of themes and wallpapers.

-GIMP Image Editor


-Brasero disk Burner


-Bootup and Startup Manager

-Inkscape Vector Graphics Editor



-XBMC Media Center



-Anjuta IDE

-Kopete Instant Messenger

-Firestarter Firewall

….. and much more.

The Ultimate Edition 2.6 Gamers is based as per the latest release i.e 2.6 gamers is built off Ultimate Edition 2.6 with all updates pre-installed and a few games also pre-installed for your convenience. Here is the list of the Games that are coming preinstalled in the OS :-

-Urban Terror & extra maps

-Aisleriot Solitaire

-Atomic Tanks

-Battle for Wesnoth


-Chromium B.S.U.








-Scorched 3D

-Warzone 2100

and more…

System Requirement

– 1.o Ghz Processor for 32bit and 2.0 Ghz for 64bit.

– 512 MiB of RAM for 32 bit and 2GiB for 64 bit.

– 10 GiB of Hard Disk space (separate partition recommended for dedicated install).

– OpenGL graphics support capable of running monitor at 1024*768 resolution for best results.

– DVD-ROM and USB 2.0 ports.


1)Ultimate Edition 2.6 – 64 Bit

-HTTP  here

-Torrent here

-Gamers Edition here

2)Ultimate Edition 2.6 – 32 bit

-HTTP here

-Torrent here

-Gmaers Edition here


WUBI Install :- Installing Ultimate Edition via Wubi (Windows Based Ubuntu Installer) is same as installing basic Ubuntu Distro. Just double click Wubi.exe , select your preferences,then sit back an relax till it gets installed. To get details on Wubi, see our previous post.

Dedicated Install :- Refer this post for dedicated install (its just same as normal Ubuntu Installation)

Enjoy !!!

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