Installing Adobe Air & Destroy Twitter v2.02 in Ubuntu 10.04 1 comment

For all those twitter fans out there who don’t leave a second of their life without tweeting here is how you can keep doing so even from your Ubuntu Desktops

Its just a two step process with installation of Adobe Air first and then the DestroyTwitter App

First download the Adobe Air Setup (It can be either .deb or .bin) and also download the DestroyTwitter App

Installing Adobe Air :

  • For .deb just double click the downloaded file or open with GDebi (pretty simple isn’t it)
  • For .bin file do the following
    1. Pop up The Terminal and browse to the directory where .bin file is present (Or just save it to the /home/user and just open the Terminal)
    2. Type chmod +x AdobeAIRInstaller.bin (You Can Also Do The Same Via Right Click>Properties>Permission and Check the Execute Option that allows program to be executed as Script)
    3. Then sudo ./AdobeAIRInstaller.bin (Enter Password If Required)

Since we’ve now installed Adobe Air ,installing Apps is just couple of clicks away

Extract the DestroyTwitter app from the zip file you just downloaded  & just double click your DestroyTwitter202.air file and there you go .

Note : Do try couple of more Apps Like TweetDeckposty, twhirl, DeskTube (or just try a google search)

Happy Tweeting …!!!

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