ConkyWizard: Edit & Run Conky Easily

ConkyWizard is a wizard to set up Conky on Ubuntu, without knowledge of its use. Currently the program is customized for Ubuntu Lucid & has been written in C++ using Qt 4.6 libraries. This program really makes it simple for you to edit conky without any actual knowledge of its .conkyrc editing thingy.

Download :- ConkyWizard V1.0 beta1

Install it :-Firstly install conky :

sudo apt-get install conky

See installation details in our previous post.

Now, extract the file by right clicking the downloaded file and “extract here”or type the following :-

tar zxf ConkyWizard_32bits_V1.0_Beta1.tar.gz

Goto the destination folder and double click the ConkyWizard file. The wizard will open, you can copy the same to your desktop for easy access. Make sure you enter the right filename while extracting using gzip.

Using it :- Using Conky wizard is really easy, just a matter of few clicks.

  1. At first, the wizard shows welcome screen. Click Next.
  2. Now, select location of Conky panel, transparency, fonts & colors & then click next.
  3. Select position and size of panel and click next.
  4. The next screen will ask you to configure “Widgets” to be displayed on your panel.
  5. Last step: Setup your Conky Startup configuration and click finish.

Note :- To get the sensors to work, install lm-sensors :

sudo apt-get install lm-sensors

sudo sensors-detect

sudo service module-init-tools start

You may need to restart your computer to get things to work properly.

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Njoy !!!

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