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Lubuntu is a derivative of Ubuntu with LXDE (Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment) as the default desktop environment instead of Gnome. It has been designed to be light, fast, less resource hungry and more power efficient and every small thing has been taken care of while choosing basic applications for this derivative. The latest version is Lubuntu 10.10 which is no doubt based on Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat.

Download :-

Lubuntu 10.10 :-

System Requirements :- We never go for the system requirements for any Linux OS because they require much less than their closed source counterparts but this time, we need to consider this because this is really mindblowing.

  • RAM – 256MB (recommended)
  • Processor – 800MHz (recommended)
  • Min. GFx memory – 32MB (128 MB recommended)
  • Hard Disk space – 3.2 GB (10GB recommended)

Well, Lubuntu can run at much lower specs in minimal mode so its one of the lightest Ubuntu derivatives out there. It can be tested in Virtual machine using KVM/ Qemu/ Virtual Box/ Xen etc. with ease.

Programs & Features :- Besides LXDE components for desktop management, the following are the programs available for users by default :-

1) Applications and System Tools :-

  • Login Manager : LXDM
  • System monitor : LXTask
  • Windows configuration : Obconf
  • Networking : Network manager + nm-applet
  • Software management : Synaptic

2) Graphics :-

  • Image viewer: GPicView
  • Paint : MTPaint

3) PDF reader :-

  • Evince

4) Multimedia :-

  • Music : Aqualung
  • Videos : Gnome-mplayer
  • Webcam : Cheese

5) Internet :-

  • Browser : Chromium, the open-source version of Google Chrome
  • Email : Sylpheed
  • Instant Messages : Pidgin
  • Bittorrent : Transmission
  • IRC : XChat

6) Office Apps :-

  • Spreadsheet : Gnumeric
  • Wordprocessor : Abiword
  • Notes : Xpad

7) Accessories :-

  • Calculator : Galculator
  • Notepad : Leafpad
  • Screenshot : scrot
  • CD burner : Xfburn
  • Terminal : Lxterminal
  • Archiver : Xarchiver
  • Screensaver : Xscreensaver

8 ) Games :-

  • Ace of penguins

Installing Lubuntu :-Installing Lubuntu 10.10 is same as that of Ubuntu 10.10 with a light change in the look and feel of ubiquity. There is no slideshow integrated with the installer(just for sake of making it lighter and making it less resource hungry) and rest is almost same. You can refer to our previous post for Installation details. Take a look at the screenshots !

A look at the LXDE :- LXDE – Lightweight X11 Desktop environment is one of the lightest of its kind making a room for normal users with low specs latops/desktops to enjoy Ubuntu with all its elegance, freedom, functionality and speeds on a less resource hungry platform.

LXDE Components includes GPicView, Leafpad, LXAppearance, LXDE Common, LXDM LXLauncher, LXPanel, LXRandr, LXSession, LXSession Edit, LXShortCut, LXTerminal, Menu-Cache, Openbox & PCManFM making your lightweight desktop a reality.

Take a look :

Any queries regarding Lubuntu/ Ubuntu can be asked at the forums.

Njoy Lubuntu !

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