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UberStudent (uber meaning “productive“) is a free, and opensource Ubuntu-based Linux distribution for working, learning and teaching academics at the higher education and advanced secondary levels. It is supported by a free Moodle-based virtual learning environment. It is also for Lifelong learners, researchers, and knowledge workers of all types.

UberStudent fundamentally is the best Ubuntu Derivative for education. It is developed by professional educators around a core skills approach. These are research & writing, study, and self-management skills, essentials to students regardless of their academic major. It can additionally be extended for specific academic disciplines using its on-board tools to finding and installing additional software. While main focus is academic computing, UberStudent also contains stuff for multimedia, graphics, messaging, and gaming, all with the needs of students in mind. Its the best Ubuntu derivative for students out-of-the-box.


UberStudent 1.0 Full DVD

UberStudent 1.0 LXDE


Installing UberStudent is same as installing Ubuntu, easy and safe. All you need is a bootable UberStudent DVD or USB and a 20GB free Disk space on (obviously) a separate partition.

1) First, just start the installer and select your language.

2) Select Time-zone & Location and click next.

3) Select Keyboard Layout and proceed.

4) This is the most important part of the installation i.e. Partitioning disks.

  • First, select Manual Partitioning.
  • Click the 20GB (recommended) partition i.e Empty space.
  • Click ‘create partition’ and put the size “15gb” or “18GB” and select filesystem as “ext4”  and set mount point as “/” i.e root.
  • Now ‘create’ another partition using rest of the empty space and set mount point as “swap space”. It should be double the size of your RAM.
  • All is done and we are ready for the installation. Remember, 20Gb is min. recommended size but you can allocate more to it.

After partitioning has been done, check again and proceed.

5) Now, select Username & Password of choice and proceed.

All work has been done. Check everything and click Finish to start the installation. Now, sit back, relax and be patient because the installation will take a while to complete.

After installation is complete, reboot the system and remove the DVD/USB and boot into your newly installed OS.

Main Features

1) Basic Applications & Programs :- UberStudent is loaded with hundreds of nicely chosen Applications and Programs for students to help them in every way. A few of them are listed below :-

– Mozilla Firefox > Makes browsing the web easier, safer and faster.
– Virtual Box OSE > Test Operating systems on the go.
– Gparted > Create,resize or delete your partitions.
– GIMP > A great image editing tool for advanced users.
– Pinta > A Paint.net like Image editing tool for Linux (recommended for beginners).
– Google Chrome > Browse the Web faster than anyone.
– Deluge > A nice Bittorrent client to manage all your torrent downloads.
– OpenOffice > For your daily needs.
– Calibre > Ebook reader.
– Google Docs > Create, share and access your work from anywhere.
– Ailurus > Makes it easy to configure your system.
– Bleachbit > To Free-up disk space by removing unwanted files and packages.
– Thunderbird > To keep all your mails and feeds synchronized.
– Scribus > A great desktop-publishing tool for linux.
– Inkskape > Graphics editor for linux.
– VLC > For a better multimedia experience.
– Banshee Media Player > Another awesome tool for multimedia
– Wine > To run windows apps in linux.
– Uber Control Center > Servers like a Control Panel to your OS.

There is a lot more to it than meets the eye. Its a never ending list o applications, so we leave rest to you to discover. Here are some desktop screenshots :

2) Integrated EyeOS :-

Another best thing about UberStudent is that it contains a preinstalled EyeOS for cloud computing on the fly. This will bring the students in synchronism to each other and they can share notes, project work etc. and can access it from anywhere they want without any risk of losing their precious data and research. Cool feature ! Here….take a look :

Njoy !

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