Linux Mint 10 ‘LXDE’ – A Lightweight Minty Desktop

Right after the release of Linux Mint 10 ‘KDE’ the Mint Devs have rolled out a very lightweight version of Mint i.e Mint 10 ‘LXDE’ (Lightweight X-window Desktop Environment). Its an Ubuntu based OS yet again but with a lot of modifications on the part of usability and system usage. Its fast, its light, its looks really good and ofcourse its Minty. This distro reminds us of Lubuntu 10.10 which is also very LXDE based but is much more polished than that ofcourse


Linux Mint 10 ‘LXDE’

System Requirements

Processor :  x86 based Processor ( 1.2 GHz or above )
RAM : 196 MB (256 MB Recommended )
Hard Disk : 5GB (10 GB Recommended)
Graphics : 32 MB (128 MB recommended)

New Features & Updates

  • The Software Manager provides better indexing, with better categorization of softwares and the use of application icons.
  • Update Manager now includes ignore list for packages you don’t want to update anymore. The Update Manager now also shows you the size of your selected updates, so you know how much data you’re about to download.
  • The Upload Manager is a great tool for developers and administrators and it received many improvements in this release. The “File Uploader” has also been merged with the “Upload Manager”.Uploads can now be run in the background. The upload dialogues measure the upload speed and calculate an ETA.
  • Adobe Flash: Linux Mint comes with the latest Adobe Flash “Square”, running in full 32-bit or 64-bit (depending on your edition of Linux Mint) native mode. This plugin is faster than its predecessor, especially in full-screen.
  • Oracle Virtualbox: A new metapackage called “virtualbox-nonfree” was introduced. This package points to the non-open-source version of Virtualbox and provides USB support.
  • Signed repositories: No more warning is given for the usage of signed repositories. Using unsigned repositories no longer issues a warning but a validation question.
  • Highlight: The “highlight” command, used by “apt” is now faster and more reliable.
  • Adjustment system: The mintsystem adjustment system is now LSB compliant.
  • Users can now test a connection while defining it by pressing the “Check connection” button.

For queries regarding Mint LXDE or any other regarding Mint/Ubuntu, ask here.

Njoy !


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