Ultimate Edition 2.8

Ultimate Edition, an unofficial derivative of Ubuntu as we have already discussed is a full fledged customized version of Ubuntu with all the updates and a big list of programs, plugins etc. which are lacking in Ubuntu due to Copyright laws and other reasons. The latest version of Ultimate Edition is 2.8 and it is (obviously) based on Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat.


1) Ultimate Edition 2.8
32-Bit – Direct Link ( Torrent )
64-Bit – Direct Link ( Torrent )

2) Ultimate Edition 2.8 “Gamers”
32-Bit – Direct Link ( Torrent )
64-Bit – Direct Link ( Torrent )

3) Ultimate Edition 2.8 “Lite”
32 Bit – Direct download

Ultimate Edition 2.8

Ultimate Edition 2.8 Gnome is a customized Ubuntu derivative aimed at all user groups. A lot of important programs and plugins come pre-installed making offline Ubuntu experience possible.

System Requirements :-

  • CPU – 2.0 GHz or higher
  • RAM – 512 MB (min.) – 1 GB(recommended)
  • Graphics Memory – 64 MB (min.) – 256 MB (recommended)
  • Hard Disk – 8 GB (min.) – 20 GB (recommended)
  • Keyboard & Mouse

New Programs & Features :- Ultimate Edition as we all know is a feature and application rich derivative of Ubuntu. This release has been built above Ubuntu 10.10 and contains all the latest programs and updates. Few important preinstalled applications are Mozilla Firefox, Ubuntu Tweak, Ailurus, Pinta , GIMP Image Editor, Shotwell, Compiz + CCSM, OpenOffice, Emerald Theme Manager, VLC etc.

Take a look :-

Ultimate Edition 2.8 ‘Gamers’

This is particularly an iteration of the UE 2.8 Main Edition and is aimed at Gamers as the name suggests.

System Requirements :-

  • CPU – 2.0 GHz or higher
  • RAM – 512 MB (min.) – 1 GB(recommended)
  • Graphics Memory – 128 MB (min.) – 512 MB (recommended)
  • Hard Disk – 10 GB (min.) – 25 GB (recommended)
  • Keyboard & Mouse

Whats New ? This release has come up with some updates and few Games have been added to the list. Just check it out.


  • Urbanterror
  • Armagetronad
  • Gunroar
  • Hedgewars
  • Kobo deluxe
  • Pingus
  • Bzflag
  • Chromium-bsu
  • Gridwars 2
  • Criticalmass
  • Defendguin
  • Assaultcube
  • Frozen-bubble
  • Kapman
  • Kblocks
  • Fretsonfire
  • Vgacard games (4 card games)
  • Gtkboard games (32 board games)
  • Warzone 2100
  • Glest
  • Barrage
  • Enemy-territory
  • Scorched3d
  • Performous
  • Boswars
  • Orbital-eunuchs-sniper
  • Warsow

Also, a lot of Games have been added to the repository for quick install. So in all, its a ‘Plug n Play’ Operating System πŸ™‚

Ultimate Edition 2.8 ‘Lite’

What’s UE 2.8 Lite ?

Ultimate Edition 2.8 Lite is specially designed for those with low system resources. It is also lightning fast on machines that have the resources. This release just contains only the essential programs to keep you running.ItΒ  was built off Lubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat updated and upgraded, which is based on the LXDE. This “lite” edition ill not be a 64 bit edition.

Ultimate Edition 2.8 Lite is the first release of UE with LXDE but still its worth trying out.

Why Prefer it ?

UE 2.8 Lite was built with a vision to make Ubuntu’s best derivative available to everyone with all its Updates, Programs and Features. This derivative takes up much less space and resources and can run on old systems as well. The list of applications has been so chosen to facilitate the user with almost a perfect Light weight OS with all the necessary programs for daily usage like Office work, Internet, Multimedia etc. So, its a worth tryout.

System Requirements :-

  • CPU – 1.0 GHz or higher
  • RAM – 256 MB (min.) – 512 GB(recommended)
  • Graphics Memory – 64 MB (min.) – 128 MB (recommended)
  • Hard Disk – 5 GB (min.) – 20 GB (recommended)
  • Keyboard & Mouse

Programs & Features :-

  • Firefox – For faster & better browsing
  • Blue deck theme pack – Lightweight theme with scalable icons
  • Terminator – Lightweight and supports splitting, better then loading a second instance.
  • Gedit – Lightweight when considering the number of formats supported.
  • VLC – All in one app, video and audio are covered.
  • Ultamatix – in case you want to install additional software, flash etc.

In the view of this, we think Ultimate Edition 2.8 Lite is best choice for low power/ old computers.

Take a look :-

For any queries regarding UE or any other regarding Ubuntu/Linux, ask here freely.

Njoy !

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