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Banshee 2.0 has been released after a long wait and to be frank we’ve lost count of days we waited for it . Surprisingly, this Media player has replaced Rythmbox and made it to Ubuntu’s Default Media application & will come preinstalled in Ubuntu 11.04. Banshee 2.0 will be available in Ubuntu 11.04 Beta 2 onwards. So regular Natty testers will get it in an upgrade. Talking of Ubuntu 10.10 and 10.04 users, PPA is available to get it easily on your system. This release of Banshee includes UI improvements, Ubuntu One Music Store extensions, Music Library improvements, Subtitles & numerous bugfixes.

PPA Install

Banshee can be easily installed or upgraded from the following PPA. Just type the following in your terminal, type root password when prompted and you are good to go.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:banshee-team/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install banshee

Wait for it to complete. After the install or upgrade is done, fireup Banshee from Applications>Sound and Video and enjoy the latest version.

Improvements to Banshee

UI Improvements

Many changes hasve been made towards a cleaner and more usable UI. Search is now beside the volume button. The source list has smaller icons, hidden counts for the libraries, and named group-separators. The seek slider and search entry are resizable via their grips. Podcasts episodes are now shown in a grid, with several lines of description shown to help you find an appealing episode to enjoy.

Ubuntu One Music Store and SoundMenu Extensions

These two extensions have been moved from Banshee Community Extensions and are now core Banshee extensions.

‘Play After’ Queue Options

The ‘Play After’ option will insert it another album into the queue to help you listen to your music right after the present album/track.


Added support for embedded and external-file subtitles.

Artist/Album Browser Track Actions

Track actions (play, queue, remove, delete, edit, properties) now work for the artist and album browser too! Right click an artist or album to act on it, or click an album and press ‘q’ to queue it.

For details, you can check the release notes.

Njoy !



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    it looks a little too much like iTunes for my tastes. I’m looking for something more like Winamp.