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The much awaited ElemetaryOS  0.1 – ‘Jupiter’ from the elementary-project is now live. Ubuntu 11.04 Beta also hit the ground and is ready for testing. Jupiter is an Ubuntu based open-source operating system aimed at all kinds of users who love performance and looks both. Midori is the default internet browser and is really light and fast, Dexter is an cool address book, Postler is there for managing emails & feeds and obviously ‘Elementary’ is the default desktop theme making it a worth to test the OS.


Direct ->> ElementaryOS 0.1 32 Bit & 64 Bit

Torrent ->>ElementaryOS 0.1 –  32 Bit


The installation is yet again simple. All you need to do is to make an empty partition in your drive (10GB) and follow the steps below :-

  • Run the LiveCD and boot into live mode.
  • Run the installer and follow the instructions.
  • The process is same as that of Ubuntu.
  • You will need to allocate Drive space, provide username/password etc. and in a few steps, it will be done.
  • Restart the computer and enjoy !

Important Note from Elementary Project Team –

It has come to our attention that on Thursday, April 28, 2011, users of elementary OS Jupiter may be prompted to upgrade to Ubuntu 11.04. We strongly urge you not to do so if you are prompted to; not because we do not want you using Ubuntu, but because the upgrade process may render your install unusable. We have taken the appropriate measures of pushing out an update that will prevent the prompt from appearing. Please run Update Manager (System > Administration > Update Manager) as soon as possible to receive this update, and do notchoose to upgrade to Ubuntu 11.04 if prompted.

The Features

  • Its an Ubuntu remaster, so its gotta be awesome !
  • All set to roll with Gnome 2.32
  • Midori is the default internet browser which is really light and fast.
  • Shotwell Photo Manager is the default Photo manager.
  • Empathy Chat client.
  • Ubuntu Software Center is available with a big software repository.
  • Dexter is the default but cool address book.
  • Postler is the default email client.
  • Docky comes default.
  • Lingo dictionary is preinstalled.
  • Abiword word processor
  • GNUmeric spreadsheet.
  • Totem Movie Player is default Multimedia player for Jupiter.
  • Nautilus-Elementary Theme looks cool.
  • A whole new set of wallpapers.

Though LibreOffice, Banshee and other cool apps that would have been there but were missing, still there’s more to it than meets the eye. Elementary OS is a good Ubuntu derivative.

Desktop Review

Elementary OS looks even better. It will leave you ‘mouth-open’ like ‘:O’ just at its boot screen ! Its the thing that goes above user-expectation. Its more like a tailored Ubuntu for eyecandy lovers and uses Gnome 2.32. Its simple, elegant and has got really cool looks.Hope it gets better with time

Njoy !

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