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Kubuntu 11.04 – The KDE version of Ubuntu Natty Narwhal that makes your heart beat even faster is ready for download. Kubuntu 11.04 Beta has come up with some really cool features and updates ranging form the new KDE 4.6.1 to Owncloud to Plasma Desktop. Everything you need is already there.


Kubuntu 11.04 Final has been released and is ready to download.

Download the image, burn it to a DVD or make a USB bootable and follow the installation instructions below.

Clean Install

Installation is yet again the same rather its easier and better. Simply boot from the disk and follow the Installer instructions and do as prompted.

  • Select your language.
  • Installer will check the system state.
  • Then select Disk to install Kubuntu.
  • Select Manual Partitioning and make a root ‘/’ partition of min. 5GB space. After that make a ‘swap’ partition and click Finish. (Make a separate ‘/boot’ if you are dual booting and dont want to loose your Grub in any case.)
  • Then set up your TimeZone.
  • Set Keyboard Preferences.
  • Enter Username and password.
  • Now wait for the installation to complete.

Upgrade from 10.10

Upgrading from Ubuntu 10.10 is a really easy job. We would recommend to wait till the Final release scheduled for April. For those who cant wait to test, here it goes :-

Method 1) To upgrade from Ubuntu 10.10 on a desktop system, press Alt+F2, type in

update-manager -d

and press Enter. Update Manager will open up and display the message, “New distribution release ‘11.04’ is available.” Click Upgrade and follow the instructions.

Method 2) Alternate CD Upgrade –

Download a Kubuntu 11.04 Alternate CD and then burn it –

1) Insert the alternate CD, open it in a new window, open the Run Command dialog by pressing Alt+F2 or if this is not working right click on the desktop or as a last resort, run a terminal window. Type

kdesudo “/media/cdrom/cdromupgrade”

in the command box and press the return button.

2) Enter your password and wait for it to complete.

3) Restart the computer to complete the updrade.

New Features in Kubuntu 11.04

The latest package upgrades for Ubuntu 11.04 are –

  • Linux kernel 2.6.38-7 – This kernel update brings little new functionality updates over the version available in Alpha 3. vesafb has been re-enabled as a module to help prevent GPU hangs and screen corruption on boot.
  • LibreOffice 3.3.2 – The latest and stable release of Linux office suite from The Document Foundation is ready to roll.
  • GCC 4.5 – The GNU toolchain has transitioned to be based off of gcc 4.5 for i386, amd64, ARM omap/omap4 and PowerPC architectures.
  • Python 2.7 – All main packages have now been built and and are installable with Python 2.7.
  • dpkg 1.16.0 – This is a merge from the community snapshot for multiarch support.
  • Upstart 0.9 – Upstart has been updated to 0.9.4-1.
  • The new Language Selector module allows you to add, remove, and manage system languages directly from System Settings.
  • GTK applications such as Firefox or Inkscape now fit in with KDE’s Oxygen artwork.
  • OwnCloud, the remote file storage server from KDE, has been packaged and is available to install from archives.

KDE 4.6 in Ubuntu 10.10

Installing KDE 4.6 in Ubuntu 10.10 is also possible without the upgrades. All you need to do is open the terminal and type this –

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop

and after the completion of the upgrade, restart the computer.

Desktop Preview

Take a look at the Kubuntu 11.04 Desktop

For any queries regarding Kubuntu/Ubuntu, please ask here freely.

Njoy !


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  • Coulgon

    upgrading  from ubuntu 11.04 to Kubuntu please help, what is the command line?

  • Coulgon

    upgrading  from ubuntu 11.04 to Kubuntu please help, what is the command line?

  • Either you can goto synaptic and serach kubuntu-desktop and mark all for installation..then install it…log-off and change your environment to KDE and then login
    or you can run the following command in terminal
    sudo apt-get -y install kubuntu-desktop

  • arnel pica

    problem with kubuntu 11.04, im installing it inside windows, everythings fine, on reboot, kubuntu shows splash screen, a few minutes it stop and stops from there, can someone help???