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Good News Everyone! Ubuntu developer team has announced the release of Ubuntu 11.04 Beta 2, the last development release of Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal. With just 2 weeks left in the Final release, it is now confirmed that Unity will be the default Desktop environment for this release. It was announced a few days back that Ubuntu 11.04 is dropping the Release Candidate and there will be a Beta again. So, here we are with Ubuntu 11.04 Beta 2 with Unity interface. This release includes loads of improvements from kernel to application end. As we have already went through ‘UserInterface Freeze’ earlier so there is no additive eyecandy but thtere are a lot of usability improvements in Unity which are about to be discussed.


Download Ubuntu 11.04 Beta 2

Ubuntu 11.04 Beta 2 – Direct Link / Torrent

Kubuntu 11.04 Beta 2 – Direct Link / Torrent

For more, see this page for Ubuntu and this for Kubuntu.

New Features & Updates

Unity Improvements

Unity no doubt is a nice but controversial UI for Ubuntu ๐Ÿ˜€ as it has gone through a lot lately. But we like it anyway. Its fast, cool, easy to use and its now stable too.

Panel Fadeout – Unity Panel Fadeout effect has been added to Unity. Whenever you click on Unity panel, the panel fades out giving you a more clear picture of what you are looking for. Cool !

New Icons – The panel has got new and updated icons and the launcher sequence has also been changed.

Theme Updates – Radiance and Ambiance themes got updated. Scrollers are more darker /lighter than ever giving it a classy look.

Application Searching – The developers has improved the search feature of Unity. Now you can search for any application or file installed and it will be presented to you the vary next second. Its like having Synapse preinstalled.

Overlay Scrollbars – One of the coolest feature, ‘Overlay Scrollbars’ have been added to Unity and believe me they are awesome.


Notification Updates – Notifications have been improved. A small curve also shows up when you receive a message on chat, or any other application notification arrives and your window is minimized.

Unity Control Panel – Click ‘Power’ button and click that last option ‘System Settings’ and voila! Control Center is at your service. This will help yu mange everything on your computer at once place It serves like a unity control panel.

Other Updates

Banshee 2.0 – Banshee has been upgraded to the latest version i.e 2.0 which is a really improved Media player which has been covered in our immediately previous post.

Linux Kernel 2.6.38-8 – Ubuntu 11.04 includes the latest Linux kernel 2.6.38-8 and according to the schedule, its Kernel freeze now.

Shotwell 0.9.1 – Shotwell Photo Manager 0.9.1 is the default photo manger.

Mozilla Firefox 4.0 – Firefox 4.0 is the default browser for Ubuntu now.

Python 2.7 – Python has been updated to version 2.7.

Here is a preview of everything for you and thats it for now! We will be backย  with more Unity updates soon.

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