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Pinta is a free, open source drawing/editing program modeled after Paint.NET. Its goal is to provide users with a simple yet powerful way to draw and manipulate images on Linux. The latest version of Pinta is 1.0 that was released a few days ago so we will be covering it right-away.


Download for Ubuntu 10.04 | Download for Ubuntu 10.10 | Download for Ubuntu 11.04


Method I ->

Just download the above file and open it with ‘Ubuntu Software Center’ or Gdebi package manager or simply use dpkg command to install Pinta.

cd ~/Downloads

sudo dpkg -i pinta_1.0-1~webupd8~maverick_all.deb (Change it accordingly to your version I still love my Ubuntu 10.10 )

and there it is. Access it from Applications > Graphics > Pinta Image Editor.

Take a look >_+ 

Method II ->

To install Pinta, the easiest method is to do it via PPA

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nilarimogard/webupd8

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install pinta

This will install Pinta on your system.

Thought there is another method to install Pinta using tarballs but I’m skipping it here due to dependency issues created at installation time


Pinta is a really easy tool for image editing. As stated above, it is based upon the for Windows, which is also a very good tool for image editing. There also exists a very nice tool for image editing in Ubuntu named GIMP, you can try that too ! For now, lets concentrate on Pinta and how to work with it.

Useful shortcuts > Here are some shortcuts of Pinta that will help you getting your work done easier & faster.

  • Ctrl+n – New Image
  • Ctrl +o – Open Image
  • Ctrl+s – Save Image.
  • Ctrl+Shift+s – Save image as..
  • Ctrl+x – Cut
  • Ctrl+v – Paste
  • Ctrl+r – Resize the image
  • Ctrl+z – Undo
  • Shift+Ctrl+z- Redo
  • Ctrl+w – Close
  • Ctrl+q – Quit

A Small Tutorial

So how about adding some effect to your image using Pinta . Here we are with a small tutorial to make the background of your image turn to black and white keeping the elements you want colored (I usually do this a lot)

Here we’ll change a random picture of Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales such that the background is done to black and white. Herez a preview

The Wikipedia Founder


The Wikipedia Founder


Step 1 : Open the image in Pinta

Step 2 : Click the Lasso Select Tool from the Tools

Step 3 : Carefully select the edges of the picture (you may use Lasso Tool for this purpose)

Step 4 : Cut the selected part of the image (Press Ctrl + X)

Step 5 : Select the rest of the image using Ctrl + A

Step 6 : Goto Adjustments and Select Black And White ( o press Shift + Ctrl + L)

Step 7 : Click on the bottom of the layers panel to add a new layer

Step 8 : Unselect the layer we just made Black and White

Step 9 : Paste the image we took out in Step 4

Step 10 : Move few pixels to adjust the image and save it

Thats it with the basics! We will be back soon with more advanced image editing techniques, till then, keep visiting and dont forget to ask any of your queries at our forum.

Njoy !

Note : All rights of images reserved with original Author . This image is just used for illustration purpose.

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