Super Boot Manager : The Ultimate Toolkit for Customizing Ubuntu Bootloader

Super Boot Manager : The Ultimate Toolkit for Customizing Ubuntu Bootloader

So those of you who were eagerly waiting (like me ) for a GUI for adding Burg or Plymouth to Ubuntu ..Your Wait is Over…!!!
Presenting you the ultimate toolkit ( do I sound like Steve Jobs ) for customizing Ubuntu Bootloader  Super-Boot-Manager (or SBM you may call it in short)
SBM has an integrated

  • BURG Manager – For Installing , customizing & configuring Burg
  • PLYMOUTH Manager – For Installing , customizing & configuring Plymouth
  • GRUB Manager – For Installing , customizing & configuring Grub


WARNING : Customizing BootLoader may render your Ubuntu system useless.You’ve been WARNED

Since the PPA is already there most of our job is already done.You need to install the buc before installing the Super-Boot-Manager(SBM).Fire up your terminal and type :

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ingalex/super-boot-manager
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install buc

After installing buc you will be able to install the Super-Boot-Manager

sudo apt-get install super-boot-manager

After installation is done you can access it from Applications>System>Super Boot Manager

Note: Though some of the users are facing the installation issue with libc6 dependency error but on my Ubuntu 11.04 test machine we never got that error


SBM supports installation of burg and plymouth including many amazing themes with comprehensive restore/recovery options.The whole GUI is built providing great details so that even a novice user can install and customize bootloader within few clicks . There is a language support for around 15 languages with auto-update feature included in the GUI and the customized theme creator is cherry on the top.
We are leaving you with couple of screenshots to take a sneak-peek

For more information, please refer this link . Any queries regarding these or any other regarding Ubuntu or SBM  etc can be asked here.

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