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Fuduntu is a light weight and fun Linux distribution that earns its name by its design to fit somewhere in-between Fedora and Ubuntu. It is designed to be aesthetically pleasing, and is optimized for Netbook and other portable computers. The quarterly installation i.e Fuduntu 14.11 is now available for downloads.  As with all Fuduntu releases, this release continues the tradition of small incremental improvements.  It is important to note that existing Fuduntu users will roll up to this version through the normal update process, and do not need to download or install from this media to benefit from this release.  This release is considered the first official Fuduntu “rolling release” ISO.


Fuduntu 14.11 – Direct link – 32 bit & 64 bit.

System Requirements (min.)

  • 900 MHz or faster processor
  • 384 MB RAM
  • 5 GB available hard disk space

Chief Features

  • The latest stable Linux Kernel (3.0) at the base.
  • Aesthetically pleasing design makes it user-friendly.
  • Unbelievable Performance is guaranteed.
  • Unparalleled battery life assured.

Latest Updates

  • Linux Kernel 3.0.3.
  • Chromium Browser 13.0
  • Flash
  • VLC Media Player1.1.11.

Take a look –

This quarterly release also includes a roll up of the latest patches. So Njoy this new OS folks !


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  • John Tarr

    Dear god the logo is ugly. Of all they could have made, they put that?