Kubuntu 11.10 Beta 2 Released

Kubuntu 11.10 Beta 2 just released has the latest KDE software including KDE 4.7.1 Plasma Workspaces and Applications. This release has undergone many changes regarding the latest updates, DE improvements and application updates. A few of them are listed below. This release is stable than the previous one but yet again we recommend you either use LiveCD or use Virtual machine for the testing purpose and wait till October for its  final release.

Download Beta 2


What’s New

Plasma Workspaces

  • Visual updates include a new Oxygen icon theme
  • A cleaner default look to Dolphin
  • Gwenview’s new ability to compare two or more images
  • New breadcrumb feature in the Kickoff menu that simplifies navigating submenus
  • More improvements in the Network Management widget


  • KDE 4.7.1 is the talk of the town.
  • The new KDE Personal Information Management (KDEPIM) suite 4.7 is included, which includes the new Kmail 2.


  • Amarok 2.4.3 is the default music player.
  • The Muon Suite 1.2 which includes Muon Software Center and Muon Package manager is now available.

There a lot more to it than meets the eye ! So grab it and start testing !!

Njoy Kubuntu !

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