New Ubuntu 11.10 Wallpapers Released

The Ubuntu 11.10 default wallpapers have been selected from the 44 shortlisted community wallpaper list. The 14 selected are really cool and will add more spice to the Ubuntu Oneiric desktops. The link below will let you download a tarball that contains all the wallpapers right away !

Download Here

 Take a look

Ubuntu 11.10 Wallpapers

[img src=]20
[img src=]70
[img src=]50
[img src=]220
[img src=]110Momiji Dream
[img src=]160Mount Snowdon, Wales
[img src=]50Not Alone
[img src=]80
[img src=]20
[img src=]110
[img src=]100The Grass Ain't Greener
[img src=]70
[img src=]60Photograph captured and created by Brian Joseph Burt. Flagstaff Arizona.
[img src=]110

Njoy !

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