Adobe Flash Player 11 Released

Adobe Flash Player 11 has been released and is for downloads. Flash Player 11 take this even further by introducing Stage 3D, a new architecture for hardware accelerated graphics rendering that delivers 1000x faster rendering performance over Flash Player 10. It enables new classes of console-quality games and immersive apps, such as Tanki Online and Zombie Tycoon. It added native 64-bit support, NVidia VDPAU and Broadcom Crystal HD acceleration.

Download Adobe Flash 11

Improvements Areas

Gaming: Flash Player 11 allow game publishers to instantly deliver engaging games to anyone with a PC, tablet, smartphone, or connected TV. And with Stage 3D, game publishers and developers can take their games to a new level, creating new opportunities for game developers and publishers to deliver and monetize their content. Two of the many upcoming games leveraging Stage 3D include Tanki Online and Ultimate Race Championship.

Rich media and premium video: Leading content providers, including Amazon, ESPN, HBO, and YouTube, deliver premium HD live video and video on demand (VoD) using Flash technology to reach multiple screens, while benefiting from adaptive streaming, content protection, smooth hardware-accelerated HD video playback, and expanded audiences with Adobe Pass for TV Everywhere.

Data-driven apps: Flash enables highly interactive, collaborative applications across devices and distribution channels.


The following video showcases some of the main features of Flash 11.

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