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The Supreme Court of India has directed all the courts across the nation to switch over to Ubuntu 10.04. The apex court has also given all the courts customised Ubuntu Linux DVD for installation. Over 17,000 courts across the country were using Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 for the last four years. The e-committee of the Supreme Court Of India has issued a circular for ‘Guidelines for Roll-out and Installation of Ubuntu Linux for Indian Judiciary’ for the purpose. The circular talks about the replication and installation of the Ubuntu Linux operating system.

The circular says that an acknowledgment of Installation & Receipt of Ubuntu Linux OS DVD be given by the judicial officers in the prescribed form. >It instructs immediate circulation of ‘Ubuntu Installation & Features Video’ to all the judicial officers so that they can understand the same before DVD reaches them. “The Ubuntu Linux operating system can be installed by the judicial officer on his own also as the installation process is very easy, intuitive and self-explanatory.

Features Of Ubuntu Linux OS DVD

This Ubuntu Linux OS DVD contains the following features & can be read here in detail :

  1. Dual Booting OS
  2. Live (Trial) DVD
  3. 15 Indian Languages and 48 Layouts
  4. Video Tutorials & User Guides
  5. Send and Receive Fax
  6. Deleted/Lost Data Recovery
  7. Talking Dictionary(Eng-Hindi-Urdu)
  8. English Text to Speech
  9. Multimedia (Audio-Video) Playback
  10. Web-camera
  11. Mobile Broadband & 3G
  12. Installable on a Pen-drive (4GB)
  13. Bluetooth Enabled
  14. Digital Signature
  15. Typing Tutor for English Typing
  16. Personal Accounting
  17. Recovery DVD for Windows/Linux
  18. Printers /Scanners Drivers
  19. Mail/Chat/Social Networking Client
  20. PDF Tools
  21. Network & Printer Sharing
  22. Thin Client Support
  23. Backup Software
  24. Screen Recorder
  25. Wine
  26. VirtualBox

Installation & Features Video

The Installation and Features video can be download from here.

Free SMS Channel for Ubuntu-Linux tips

The circular says, “This channel can be subscribed by sending the first subscription SMS to Google mobile no. 9870807070. The delivery of regular SMS to the subscriber’s mobile no. is absolutely free. To subscribe to the Ubuntu-Linux SMS channel, following SMS (in small or capital letters) is required to be sent to 9870807070: ‘ON UBUNTU-LINUX’.

The Supreme court now running on Ubuntu is a sign that our Govt’s other organizations will soon join the opensource community by switching over to a better OS for everything.The details can be found here.

Njoy Ubuntu!


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