Cinnamon 1.4 Released

Cinnamon 1.4 has been released and has received cool new features this time.’Expo’ & ‘Scale’ features add eyecandy to your desktop experience, and there are lot of other improvements in usability as well. Cinnamon 1.4 is already there in Mint 12 repositories. Ubuntu users can use the PPA below.



You can use the PPA to install Cinnamon 1.4 on Ubuntu –

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gwendal-lebihan-dev/cinnamon-stable
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install cinnamon

Features & Improvements

The new “Expo” overview

Cinnamon 1.4 comes with two “overview” modes: “Scale” and “Expo”.

“Scale” was present in previous Cinnamon releases and looks like the Compiz Scale plugin, it shows all the windows from your current workspace on the screen and easily allows you to select the one you’re interested in.

“Expo” is new in Cinnamon 1.4. It zooms out of your current workspace and shows you all the workspaces on your system. From there you can switch to the workspace you want, or even drag and drop windows from one workspace to another. As such, it looks and behaves like the Compiz Expo plugin (from which it gets its name).

New “Settings applet” and “Panel Edit Mode”

The introduction of drag & drop support and movable applets in Cinnamon 1.3 confused a lot of people. Some applets such as the workspace switcher, the window list and the panel launchers, due to their internal design and their user interface, made it extremely hard for people to move them around.

Cinnamon 1.4 introduces a brand new applet called the “Settings applet”.


Cinnamon is now localized. If you want to monitor or participate in the translation effort, please visit

Cinnamon 1.4 comes with support for 39 languages and features significant improvements for RTL (right-to-left) languages.

New configuration options

Cinnamon 1.4 adds the following new options:

  • “Only use workspaces on primary monitor”
  • Configurable hot corner position and behaviour
  • Menu hover delay
  • Draggable panel launchers

Menu improvements

The menu received two significant improvements: full drag & drop support, and edition.

You can use drag & drop to:

    • Add applications to the panel launchers from the menu
    • To add/remove applications to/from your favorites
    • To reorder your favorites

Window list improvements

The window list is an essential part of your desktop. Cinnamon 1.4 comes with some handy features:

    • You can now reorder windows in the window list via drag & drop.
    • If you drag-over a file on a window in the window list, the window comes to focus (this feature was present in Cinnamon 1.0 and lost along the way, so it’s nice to have it back).
    • You can simply right click any window in the window list and send it to other workspaces, or have it shown on all workspaces.

There are lot of other features & improvements in Cinnamon 1.4 which you can read here.

Njoy !

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