Ultimate Edition 3.2 Released 2 comments

Ultimate Edition 3.2 has been released recently and is ready for downloads. It is based upon Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot and like always has a lot of improvements and preinstalled packages in it. All in all a perfect Ubuntu based distro, Ultimate Edition is all set to roll Gnome 3, Gnome Classic, Gnome fallback, Unity, Unity 2D, and XMBC selectable via login screen.  It also has a crisp new GTK/3 theme & comprehensive software packages.



Ultimate Edition 3.2 Download – 32-Bit.iso | 64-Bit.iso

New Features

  • Multiple Desktop Environments to user preference – Gnome 3, Unity, Unity 2D etc.
  • Latest Linux kernels.
  • Presintalled Applications – Ubuntu Tweak, Compiz, VLC, Wine, Restricted Extras and everything else you will ever need on Ubuntu.
  • Ultimate Player, a new player developer by TheeMahn with tons of streams there, has a smart bar to scan the internet for music.
  • Includes all important Ubuntu updates till date.
  • New Wallpaper pack.
  • Latest Theme pack.

Note : Reportedly, the installation of Ultimate Edition 3.2 utilizes Gnome as your default environment. Boot back into gnome for the last time. Right click your fusion icon in the tray. Please select Metacity as your default manager, trying to save you the headache prior. Then right click again goto settings manager and enable unity plugin.

We are still waiting for Ultimate Gamers Edition 3.2 🙂 Hope it will land soon !

Thanks to TheeMahn, you rock !

Njoy UE !

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  • Haven’t downloaded it yet… but it does sound “Ultimate!”

  • Rob

    I installed it on my laptop, but went back to Ubuntu 12.04.  It does install everything you need all in one shot, but it is horribly themed and I could not deal with it.