VirtualBox 4.1.10 lands with Minor Updates

VirtualBox 4.10.10 has been released. Its a maintenance release and is aimed at bug fixes and other workarounds. Few updates like Linux 3.3-rc1 compile fixes, 3D passthrough work on RHEL 6.2, added support for X.Org Server 1.12 and much more.


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Features & Fixes

  • Host interfaces no longer have “defaults” for IP address and network mask attributes
  • If 3D support on the host is not available for some reason, do not only disable this VM setting but also uncheck the checkbox
  • It doesn’t depend on a password for certain guest control operations
  • 3D Support: rendering fixes for Linux hosts with NVIDIA graphics SDK: added Python example Web service: added SSL/TLS support Linux hosts/guests: Linux 3.3-rc1 compile fixes
  • Make 3D passthrough work on OL/RHEL 6.2
  • Fixed missing implementation when copying shared folder data through kernel high memory
  • Added support for X.Org Server 1.12

Njoy !

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