Ubuntu for Tablets 2 comments

Canonical is all set to provide a full fledged connectivity across all types of devices. Here comes the Ubuntu Tablet which is based on Ubuntu Touch – the same version used on Ubuntu Phones. Downloads for the Google Nexus 7 and Google Nexus 10 will be available alongside Ubuntu Phone Images on February 21st.


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  • Sound good right? Let’s be realistic, Mark is overselling this way too soon. Should have said” It’s good enough to try” “good luck to ya” “we will do our best to improve it over time”. To call this anything more than experimental is really misleading. I love Ubuntu, but I know Ubuntu well enough not to get over excited about this release. What about the availability of Apps? Android has thousands of good Apps. Ubuntu has a handful and that is a fact. Good luck Ubuntu I hope it works out.

  • abhi

    I think its about time. Unity was created for this reason. The app community will take sometime to adapt to the ‘qt/qml’ platform and if Canonical provides enough flexibility, then this thing can be a real hit.