Ubuntu Touch 1.0 Released

Ubuntu Touch – The most awaited mobile platform for linux enthusiasts has been released and is now available for download. Since it is based on Ubuntu, the seamless integration on other platforms is going to be a big hit. Ubuntu touch reflects you in the personalized graphics adorning the phone’s welcome screen. Designed by artists who specialize in creating beautiful visualizations of complex data, the welcome screen evolves as you use the phone, to be perfectly unique and personal.

Ubuntu Touch

Installation Guide

Hardware Support

Ubuntu Touch 1.0 is officially supported on four devices.

  1. Samsung Galaxy Nexus
  2. LG Nexus 4
  3. ASUS Nexus 7
  4. Samsung Nexus 10

Refer the full list of devices here that are supported.


  • Sleek interface that evolves as you use the phone.
  • Natural swiping gestures are all you need to control the whole interface.
  • Every shot is instantly uploaded to your Ubuntu One personal cloud account.
  • With Ubuntu all it takes is a swipe from the left edge of the screen to reveal the Launcher with all your favourites.
  • Ubuntu Dash and its “smarter searches” make finding content a breeze. Just search and watch the results come in — from everywhere.
  • A full left-to-right swipe reveals a screen showing them all, while a swipe from the right brings you instantly to the last app you were using.

For more, please refer page Ubuntu Touch.

Ubuntu Touch at a glance

For now, this is just a basic release. Hang on, there is a lot more excitement coming.

Njoy testing !

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