Xubuntu 13.10 Released

Xubuntu 13.10 has been released and folks this time it looks even better. The new wallpaper gives it a fresh look. Besides being based on latest Ubuntu 13.10 and XFCE4, Xubuntu packs a new version of xfce4-settings and gtk-theme-config to give your desktop a whole new look.


Download Xubuntu 13.10


Please refer the images below:


  • Based on Ubuntu 13.10 Saucy Salamander.
  • New wallpaper.
  • New releases of our Gtk themes (with Gtk3.10 support) as well ast the LightDM greeter.
  • Updated Xubuntu documentation.
  • A new version of xfce4-settings has been uploaded bringing amongst other things a new dialog to set up your displays.
  • A tool for changing your theme colors easily, gtk-theme-config, has been added to the default installation.

We stop here and let you see things for yourself.

Njoy !

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