Linux Mint 16 “Petra” Released

Linux Mint 16Petra” has been released packed with updated software and refinements and new features to make your desktop even more crisp to use. This release is based on Ubuntu 13.10 Saucy Salamander and is a result of 6 months of extensive hard work of the developers.

Linux Mint 16

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Cinnamon 2.0

  • Edge snapping –  Edge-Snapping is the most impressive feature in Cinnamon 2.0. It was inspired by the Snap functionality of Xbox One. It is similar to Edge-Tiling (the window sticks to the edge or corner of the screen, occupies half of the screen and can be resized) but with one key difference: Maximized windows do not cover snapped windows.

Cinnamon edge snapping

  • Sound Effects – Cinnamon is now able to play sounds when you perform common events such as closing windows, switching workspaces etc.

cinnamon sounds

  • Better Edge tiling – Edge-Tiling is the action of quickly moving a window to the edge of the screen and sticking it there for it to occupy half of the screen. It can be done by dragging the window towards a screen edge or by pressing pressing “Super_L” (The Windows key) and an arrow key.

Cinnamon Tiling

Other Improvements

  1. Login with easy user switching
  2. USB Stick support – A new tool to easily format USB sticks to NTFS, FAT32 and ext4.
  3. Software Manager performance improvement
  4. System Improvements
  5. Artwork Improvements
  6. Overall Performance improvements – Boot and login sequence no longer scan your system for btrfs partitions, MDM display manager no longer listens or communicates over the network, Update Manager is now started with a delay to make it faster for the session to load, Software Manager features significant speed improvements.


  • The Linux Mint 16 ISO images are not as compressed as before. They take more space and are bigger to download but also easier on the system and faster to decompress during the live session.

Linux Mint 16

Please refer release notes for details.


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