Linux Mint 16 KDE Released

Linux Mint 16 KDE  has been released with KDE 4.11 and is ready for download. This release has seen a lot of performance as well as aesthetic improvements starting from faster boot, secure kernel, update login screen, significant improvements in the Software manager are to name a few.

Mint KDE

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KDE 4.11

The highlight of this edition is the latest KDE desktop. Here are a few examples of what is new in KDE 4.11:

  • The battery widget now supports keyboard brightness and can deal with multiple batteries in peripheral devices, such as your wireless mouse and keyboard.
  • The Kickoff menu now shows recently installed applications for a few days.
  • Notification popups now feature a configure button to easily change settings for a particular type of notifications.
  • The KMix sound mixer received full media player control support.
  • The KWin window manager features better multi-screen awareness (including an edge glow option for ‘hot corners’) and improved quick tiling (with configurable tiling areas).
  • The monitor configuration in System Settings was replaced with the new KScreen tool. KScreen brings more intelligent multi-monitor support, automatically configuring new screens and remembering settings for monitors manually configured. It sports an intuitive, visually-oriented interface and handles re-arranging monitors through simple drag and drop.
  • The Dolphin file manager brings many small fixes and optimizations. Loading large folders is faster and requires up to 30% less memory. Heavy disk and CPU activity is prevented by only loading previews around the visible items.

Performance improvements

Linux Mint 16 focuses on the task at hand, it does less and does it better than before. It features many speed and performance improvements:

  • The MDM display manager no longer listens or communicates over the network.
  • Faster boot sequence and faster login.
  • The Linux Mint 16 ISO images are not as compressed as before. They take more space and are bigger to download but also easier on the system and faster to decompress during the live session.

Samba Mounter

Samba-mounter helps you mount network shares graphically and make them available transparently to any application by mounting them locally.

Login Screen

MDM 1.4 was designed to work perfectly with Linux Mint 16, not only to log in but also to let you switch between users easily.

USB Stick support

A new tool was developed to easily format USB sticks to NTFS, FAT32 and ext4.
Software Manager

The Software Manager received many bug fixes and performance improvements. It’s faster to start, faster to search, and uses less memory than before.

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Linux Mint 16 KDE

Njoy and Merry Christmas !

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