AppGlass 1.0 for Ubuntu 1 comment

AppGlass is an open source, lightweight application launcher for your Linux operating system. Before installing, this will make a lot of changes, check the script if you want, it will also undo many of your desktop tweaks, so be careful.



cd /home/Downloads
tar -xvzf appglass_installer.tar.gz
cd appglass_installer
sudo bash ubuntu_install

That’s all !


  • Faster application search: It loads all the launchers to the memory to serve you at a glance.
  • Appealing interface: AppGlass uses fake transparency to look gorgeous and less resource hungry at the same time.
  • Inbuilt File Search: It can search your home directory for your files.
  • Inbuilt Music Player: ¬† Why not listening to music while you work? Just bring up AppGlass with your special key, choose the track you like¬† and simply carry on your work.
  • WebMusic Plug-in: AppGlass allows you to stream music even through free online services, without ever leaving the application you are working on!
  • Lightweight: AppGlass code base weighs less than 100 kB.


Njoy !

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