Kubuntu 14.04 Final Beta Released

Kubuntu 14.04 final beta has been released for testing. Besides all the goodies Ubuntu 14.04 is packed with, this release includes KDE Applications and Platform 4.13 Beta 3, Mozilla Firefox 28, Muon Discover 2.2 Alpha 1 and numerous bug fixes. If you want to contribute to the improvement of Kubuntu, install this release and report bugs so that they can be fixed. For those who are looking for premium KDE experience, please wait until next month for the final release.

Plasma Desktop 4.13

Download Kubuntu 14.04 Final Beta


  • The KDE Applications and Platform 4.13 Beta 3 release is in need of testing to get an excellent 4.13 final release to be included in Kubuntu 14.04. General improvements throughout the applications and libraries await.
  • Mozilla Firefox 28 is now the default web browser.
  • Muon 2.2 Alpha 1 is the first step towards a new version of Kubuntu’s software store; retaining the familiar user interface, improvements now make Muon more robust.
  • Kubuntu’s built-in recommendation software now notifies when better drivers for your hardware can be installed and when additional software can be installed to improve the language support of your installation.
  • The IRC client Quassel 0.10 beta1 reduces network traffic while improving overall reliability.
  • The newly available KDE software development kit equips new installations with everything necessary to write beautiful code using KDE and Qt technology, allowing everyone to quickly get started with writing code on Kubuntu 14.04.
    Install kde-developer-sdk to get started.

Njoy !

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