Hi There

Thanx a lot for visitng Linoob.com

Well, this website was started by us jut as a hobby as we were making a transition to the Linux world.

A little we knew, a lot is still left but as the proverb goes “Unheard melodies are sweetest…”. We were pwned by the shear complexity of terminologies and terminal-ness involved, but if you are determined, then there is no look back.

We decided to learn Linux; Ubuntu was the simplest distribution to learn among them all. Involved with us are friends like you, who too are eager to learn Linux but looking for a single source that can solve their problems.

So, here we are with this website. 😉

We hope that in our transition to the Linux world and till writing for Linoob.com we willTry to make Ubuntu a better OS for you

  • Try to make Ubuntu a better OS for you
  • Try to make posts as simple and helpful as possible.
  • Try to making full use of GUI (wherever possible), since hardly anyone makes use of it cause of their extreme geekness.
  • Try to answer your queries as much as possible @ the Forum or @Facebook
  • Last but not the least, try to save a couple of bucks of yours while you enjoy a free ride of Ubuntu

Do share your experiences and do comment on posts.

Keep Rocking…..!!!


Linoob Team