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Pinta is a free, open source drawing/editing program modeled after Paint.NET. Its goal is to provide users with a simple yet powerful way to draw […] for Ubuntu aka Pinta 1.0

ATI via Synaptic 2 comments
Hardware Drivers are very important for a computer system to run properly to its optimum limits. Real Gaming on Ubuntu would be possible only after […]

Installing Hardware Drivers in Ubuntu

Cairo-Dock 2.3 4 comments
Cairo Dock – An awesome dock for Ubuntu desktops has been released. As we have already discussed in our previsou post ‘Ultimate Docks for Ubuntu‘, […]

Cairo Dock 2.3 for Ubuntu

Unity 3D 9 comments
Ubuntu Unity is a desktop experience designed for efficiency of space and interaction. It maximizes usability and minimizes complexity. Everything is available just 1 click […]

Unity 2D on Ubuntu

Opera 11.10 Barracuda
One of the most famous browsers on the internet i.e. Opera got an awesome updae today. Yes! Opera 11.10 codnamed ‘Barracuda’ has been released and […]

Opera 11.10 ‘Barracuda’ Released

Ubuntu 10.10 - KDE 4.6 5 comments
Kubuntu 11.04 – The KDE version of Ubuntu Natty Narwhal that makes your heart beat even faster is ready for download. Kubuntu 11.04 Beta has […]

Kubuntu 11.04 & KDE 4.6

nam editor 13 comments
‘ns‘ is a discrete event simulator targeted at networking research. Ns provides substantial support for simulation of TCP, routing, and multicast protocols over wired and […]

ns2 Simulator On Ubuntu